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Storage Tips

The tips below will come in handy, especially if you are a first time customer.  As always, if you have any questions, our manager can be reached at 585-454-1350.

  1. Pack your goods in cardboard boxes or rubber Tupperware bins. Label every box for easy identification. Determine the type of packing accessory needed to assure the safe storage of your things.  Bubble wrap, tape, sheets, furniture covers, wood pallets…
  2. While placing your storage things into the unit, store fragile items on top and make room for easy access if needed.
  3. Store the articles you may need to access up front by the unit’s door.  For example will you need to retrieve your snow ski equipment this winter?
  4. If you are storing appliances such as refrigerator, stoves, microwaves, etc., please make sure they are carefully cleaned and dry. Never store food.
  5. If you are storing books and office files, place them upon a shelf or wooded pallet to avoid concrete moisture absorptions.
  6. If you are storing mirrors, glass, windows, or screens, store them on their edges, not flat.
  7. If you are storing furniture, cover with a dust cover or bed sheet.

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